BMIG events, are intended to support the group’s primary objective: Promoting and strengthening collaborations between diverse organizations.

Upcoming Seminar

Dr. Ronit Freeman
Associate professor, Applied Physical Sciences and Biomedical Engineering, UNC – Chapel Hill
Title: “Biomimetic Approaches for Viral Diagnostics”
Date and Time: Friday, 28 January 2022, 10:40 a.m.–11:30 a.m.
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Dr. Ronit Freeman, an academic with training in multiple fields such as computer science, chemistry and nanotechnology, leads a multidisciplinary team and conducts cross-functional research in the area of molecular self–assembly. Dr. Freeman's  unique entrepreneurial approach to the research focuses on issues that can be solved using science and technology and directly benefits the society by commercializing bench discoveries. Dr. Freeman's approach to planning research includes a detailed stakeholder analysis and a market landscape survey to identify the right set of questions; putting together a great team of interdisciplinary scientists and experts; and designing and discovering innovative scientific solutions to existing health problems. Most recently Dr. Freeman and her collaborators designed GlycoGrip, a COVID-19 test strip, that detects multiple variants of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. 

Event typeKey focus
Seminar series on biopharmaceutical manufacturingHighlight faculty research focus areas and specific interests
Symposia to present research in biopharmaceutical manufacturing
Networking / discussion groupsIntegrating interdisciplinary expertise
Organize teams and establish technology working groupsTo correspond to multi disciplinary RFPs and collaborate on large grant proposals
Connect groups to ORI proposal development unit for proposal preparation
BTEC and other facility tours/online discussions featuring the entire scope of its capabilitiesStimulate collaborations and forge new partnerships between fellow BMIG members and BTEC
Open up the communication channel and engage in in-depth conversations to explore potential common ground

Other opportunities

In addition to the various kinds of events listed above, interested members will have the opportunity to

Contribute to scientific opinion articles for the BMIG newsletter

Participate in technical workshops on new technologies and emerging topics