North Carolina resources

North Carolina has multiple organizations related to biopharmaceutical manufacturing. Few key ones are listed here.


The NCBioImpact is the umbrella organization that brings together biomanufacturing training programs offered in universities and community colleges in the state of North Carolina to provide the life sciences industry with a highly skilled workforce to match its demands. Three key academic programs within NCBioImpact are profiled below. For more information, visit NCBioImpact.

Biomanufacturing Training and Education Center (BTEC)

BTEC, part of NC State’s College of Engineering, provides hands-on training in biomanufacturing to NC State University students and working professionals from the industry.

BTEC facilities include industry-standard equipment and a simulated cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practice) pilot plant capable of producing biopharmaceutical products using cell growth and expression, recovery, and purification processes in a sterile environment.

In addition, BTEC offers its facilities, equipment, and resources for bioprocess and analytical services to clients from academia and the industry for research and small business related technology transfer and innovative research.


BioWork Logo

The North Carolina BioNetwork (NCBIO) is the life sciences initiative of the North Carolina Community College system. It offers certificate programs in biopharmaceutical manufacturing and other areas of life sciences.

Biomanufacturing Research Institute and Technology Enterprise (BRITE)

The BRITE institute, part of North Carolina Central University, focuses on workforce development suited for the biopharmaceutical manufacturing sector by offering education and training programs designed for undergraduate and graduate students.

More NC Organizations

North Carolina Biosciences Organization (NCBIO)


The NCBIO serves as a voice to advocate, promote and prioritize the biosciences industry both at the state and federal levels by helping make policies and partnering with universities, North Carolina Biotech Center (NCBC), industries and non profit organizations to stimulate the growth of life sciences companies in the areas of therapeutics, pharmaceutical, medical device, diagnostic, clinical research and agricultural biotechnology sectors. NCBIO is dedicated to promoting the future growth and development of the bioscience industry in North Carolina. It also supports the development of a strong workforce by education and training current and future employees to combat the ever changing landscape of lifesciences products. View additional NCBIO RESOURCES on the website.

North Carolina Biotechnology Center (NCBC)

NC Biotech

The mission of NCBC is “accelerate life science technology-based economic development through innovation, commercialization, education and business growth.” The center serves as a channel for partnerships by connecting industries focused on specific product development with the technical experts in universities and by connecting university entrepreneurs with potential funders to develop and market their products. See the NCBC company directory for information about North Carolina’s more than 735 life sciences companies.