Proposed Vision for BMIG 2030

We ambitiously envision a promising growth for the BMIG through a period of the next 10 years. The formation of BMIG is pivotal and timely. The BMIG will serve as a conduit/forum that allows the incorporation and blend of continuously expanding scientific and engineering knowledge bases within the colleges.

As we are witnessing during these current times the absolute need for the world-wide culmination of knowledge from diverse fields of research and technology, rapid partnerships and  collaborations, willingness to share knowledge, data and expertise towards the unified objective of overcoming the COVID-19 pandemic with the development of vaccine and therapeutics, it is undoubtedly an appropriate time to pave a path for the BMIG which will be built on a strong foundation of innovative research partnerships and multi-disciplinary collaborations.

The most recent advancements in the fields of science and technology allow researchers to gain a deeper understanding of diseases at the fundamental cellular and molecular level. The identification of patient subsets in complex diseases has in turn necessitated the critical requirement to develop personalized medicine and precision treatments. This in turn has burdened the production capacity of the biopharmaceutical manufacturing sector which is now tasked with developing and incorporating modern technology such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data Analytics with the biological sciences for rapid transformations that would yield to current and future global demands.

The structure of the BMIG is designed in a way to stimulate and encourage new modalities of sciences and engineering to merge. NC State University will be the HUB, a converging point for academicians and industry members to dive into the latest trends in biopharmaceutical manufacturing science and technology.

NC State University is uniquely positioned to fulfill the needs of the biopharmaceutical manufacturing industries. With a leading state of the art, industry scaled facility for biomanufacturing, advanced molecular characterization technologies, strong representation of faculty and researchers in diverse science disciplines, and advanced fields of engineering, NC State University is aptly suited as the HUB to converge all diverse expertise in biopharmaceutical manufacturing.

The BMIG will be one of a kind, unique interaction and collaboration platform to converge regional specialists in biopharmaceutical manufacturing.

This will resonate well and demonstrate our research and technology strength and motto of Think and Do.

  • BMIG’s growth will be synergistic and mutually benefitting by increasing collaborations and amplifying research activities within NC State University.
  • BMIG will pave the way to open opportunities for the emergence of new faculty subspecialities within the NC State University scientific community and enhance the recruitment of new talent thereby solidifying and further uplifting NC State University’s standing in the science and technology front.
  • In the long term, the formation and strengthening of BMIG will directly impact state and federal agencies and gear them towards increasing funding for biopharmaceutical manufacturing development and research.
  • The BMIG will draw more faculty collaborations thereby exponentially increasing and securing research funding for NC State University.
  • The BMIG will draw more undergraduate/graduate student enrollment for the university which is in a unique position to offer biopharmaceutical manufacturing courses and training to bridge current and future skills gaps in the industry.